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Hi! Iam a Vietnamese student in Ukraine. I know English - B2, Ukrainian - C1 and Russian - B1) Vietnamese is my mother tongue and i know it well. I used to learn some languages and i understand that a new language is not easy. I will help you to learn Vietnamese)


Отримайте уроки з мовними викладачами один на один




Hello, my name is Ngung. I live in Vietnam and I am Vietnamese. I like teaching Vietnamese. Therefore, let me know if you like to work with me. Thank you!




My name is Alexandra Mercer, and I have been teaching English for six years. I have also taught grammar, mechanics, and essay writing through an online program for the past five years. I am a graduate of the University of Delaware with a BS in Elementary Teacher Education. I'm a certified teacher and have a TEFL certification as well. I am also beginning to work on a Masters of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Вивчіть мову швидше за допомогою уроків відеоролика

Зв'яжіться з найкращими онлайн-викладачами з будь-якого місця та в будь-який час




Hi! My name is Veronique and I am currently living in Las Palmas. Because I like the city a lot, I've decided to teach online. I've a diploma in teaching from Belgium. As a teacher I find it important to have a good relationship with my students. In that way both of us will enjoy the talks! I can help you with conversations, with grammar, checking your homework, pronounciation... Anything you need! Furthermore I'm very flexibel, easy going and I love making jokes. So be prepared for that ;-) I love yoga and sometimes I go for power walk. Well, hopefully I'll see you soon! Of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me! Hugs, Veronique




My name is Stephanie Philips and I am from Nigeria. I am studying Economics at Covenant University in Nigeria. I taught English to the International students in my school and they passed their English tests and exams. My style of teaching is to be kind, patient and fun. I'm good at teaching Conversational English, Business English, English Literature, English Idioms and Proverbs etc. I can teach students on basic, conversational and intermediate levels. I believe that the best way to learn a language is to have someone to converse with. I look forward to working with you.




Hello, I am ESL teacher from Bosnia and Hezegovina. That means that I am native Bosnian/Croatian speaker.




English and Danish philology at University of Southern Denmark / Engelsk og Dansk filologi på Syddansk Universitet. I have experience teaching children, teenagers and adults professionally.




I am Christian Ilechukwu from Nigeria but reside in Italy currently. I have been a teacher for over five years both in the secondary and tertiary education and I am good and passionate towards teaching young people. https://youtu.be/m7NxClC7uLw




Hello, I' m Armine, from Armenia.I have Bachelor's degree and I've been teacher for 2 years , and currently I'm an online teacher.




hola my names is denis and im a mexican girl.I'm about to finish medical school, I love teaching Spanish to people, they can benefit a lot because I can help them with pronunciation, grammar and teach them a lot of vocabulary; As for me, in my free time I exercise and spend time with my family and my pets.