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My name is Patricia, 26 years of age, from the Philippines. After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Development Studies, I pursued a career in retail banking where I worked as an Account Manager for two and half years. Subsequently, I quit my job, moved to Denmark, and became an au pair to a lovely Danish family. In Denmark, I have worked with children and learned how to embrace another culture.

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I'm a Kenyan and I have been speaking Swahili since primary school. I teach Swahili casually i.e to anyone who wants to learn. I have been doing it for free for the past 4yrs until I learned I could actually make money doing this

Muhammad Akash

Muhammad Akash


Hi. Everybody,my name is Muhammad Akash.Ilive in Kurdistan-Iraq .I have been teaching English for 3 years and i have taught many English classes before.I have very proficiency experiences of teaching; different methods specially conversational materials as to lead you to speak automatically ,more natural and without thinking of Grammar.I also teach Kurdish and Arabic as well.I am looking forward to meet quite different people around the world. We might exchange our traditional among each others.




My native language is persian and I can speak English language properly, so if there is a student ill be happy to join your community.




Hi, I am Jethro Joubert, I am 19 years old and live in South Africa. I am Afrikaans. I don't have any teaching experience, but if I going to teach I will make my class fun. Some of my skills: fun, like jokes,




I have just recently finished my 120 hour tefl course and am looking to start out. I did the tefl course in order to be able to broaden my experiences and learn about different cultures. I have always had a passion for English from reading to writing and would love to share that with others. I get on well with people and try to be as hands on and accommodating as possible. I am a native English speaker.




Hello there! Im Jenai from the Philippines!I am a graduate of Consumer Electronics Servicing. This is a two-year course. If you ask me, I dont know why I chose that course. I have no interest in electronics BUT I HAVE A PASSION FOR THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!I love studying English and at the same time, I love sharing my knowledge in English.I also have a passion for helping people. That means, if you choose me to be your teacher, I will not stop helping you until you reach your goal.




Hello, Hola, Hej!! My name is Diana, and I'm Spanish. Im currently living in Denmark, where I teach English and conversational Spanish online. I teach Grammar, Literature, Oral Skills, Composition and general cultural aspects attached to the languages. I have an outgoing, dynamic personality and teaching style. Experience teaching placement classes to prepare for the KET and PET Certificates. I also teach Spanish, my native tongue. I very much look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Diana




Hi. My name is Djabarou. You can just call me Djab. My native language is French. I would be proud to help learn French, either you are beginner or not. I like teaching and I will be happy to talk to people from other countries




I am Christian Ilechukwu from Nigeria but reside in Italy currently. I have been a teacher for over five years both in the secondary and tertiary education and I am good and passionate towards teaching young people. https://youtu.be/m7NxClC7uLw