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Olá! I'm a native portuguese teacher, with experience teaching portuguese for foreigners in Portugal and abroad. I'm also the founder of Caravela school. I offer classes/courses for all levels, in different formats, according to the student's availability and budget (intensive, regular, face-to-face, online, in groups, individual, for specific purposes, for children, and preparation for the CAPLE exams). I follow the communicative method. I strive for the student to have maximum contact with the language and, therefore, the classes are given in Portuguese. I know, however, that total immersion in the language can be very stressful for students, especially for those who are beginning their journey in the study of Portuguese, so I am extremely careful in choosing the materials and the way I approach topics. I believe that it is not enough just to listen to a native teacher speaking Portuguese, instead you must be able to understand it, otherwise there will be no progress. Although it is not forbidden to use English language, among others, students have been very receptive to this approach, feeling motivated and happy due to the fact that they do not need to use any other language than Portuguese. Follow my work: Caravela – Portuguese for Foreigners. Website: http://www.escolacaravela.pt/ Facebook: https://goo.gl/h4qU4N VK: https://goo.gl/geyq5Q



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I am a facilitator of learning processes. Learn portuguese with me in a fun and effective way.