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8 years experience across a wide range of settings and ages. TEFL qualified with a degree.

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I am a qualified and experienced teacher of Bulgarian working in a private language school in Sofia. Also, I have taught Bulgarian online for 5 years. During the classes, I use my context vocabulary booster method to maximize students' learning potential. I can prepare tailor-made courses to meet my students' specific needs. I look forward to meeting you soon.




I am a facilitator of learning processes. Learn portuguese with me in a fun and effective way.


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Hi my name is David Newcomen. I was born and raised in the United States of America, New York city. Currently I am student in Poland studying philosophy. During my stay in Poland I have been working as a native English speaker. I have experience teaching English to business executives, computer programmers, university students, high school students, and children. My main gift as a native English speaker is that I have first hand experience of the English language as it is spoken and used in the United States of America. My method is quite simple. The first thing that I do is to assess each student with an written exam, in order to find out their level of English. In addition to an English language assessment exam, I will find out from the student his or her precise purpose for learning the English language. My main goal is to engage students in conversation and give them an opportunity to speak in English and develop their English language skills. If I can help you attain your goals of learning to communicate in English, i.e., reading, writing, listening, and pronunciation please call me. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you. David




I know 4 languages. My native language is Uzbek but I know Russian language as a native speaker too. I also know English and Korean languages. My language level in English is advanced and intermediate in Korean. I can teach all 4 languages which I considered above.




24 year old, currently studying my BED through UNISA. 3+ years of online english and in classroom! Come join me and lets learn in a fun and creative way!




I am a native Ukrainian speaker with Ph.D. in Physics. I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, and Spanish. I love helping people understand what language means or how it works. I am a certified English teacher. I am quite adaptable to your needs. My experience in teaching has shown me that every student is different so I do change my teaching style from one student to other. In general, I like providing tools and help that the student can use to improve his/her skills so when a doubt comes the student can reach the answer by his/her own instead of me saying the result with no thinking from the other part.




Hi! I'm Crystal Jane Bretaña Baldon,..I studied at St.Paul University.. taking up cookery under HRM TESDA. My work experience are: kitchen staff at EON Centennial Hotel 2012 & front desk at Century 21 Hotel 2009




Hi, student. I am an ESL teacher with eleven-year long expirience. During my career I ahve taught students aged 5-70 and all levels of English. I have a Master's degree in English language teaching. My students describe me as easy-going, flexible and dedicated educator. I look forward to seeing you in classes. :-)




I’m a Lithuanian who decided to move to UK and finished an undagraduate degree in genetics. Exited to spread the knowledge and teach Lithuanian language in my free time.